The brutal summer heat and recent droughts have taken their toll on some of Houston’s lovely parks. When compiling this list, we considered the accessibility of the parks, their user-friendliness, the facility, and the overall atmosphere of the park. Some of the most historical parks are not on this list. Some of the oldest and most treasured parks are also not on this list. This is not because we do not love these parks, but because they do not offer the things we are looking for in this gathering of information. So, if there are some parks on here that you have not visited, we hope you will give those a visit. Maybe you’ll even see some nice landscape curbing!

Mason Park

541 South 75th Street, Houston, TX 77023

The main attraction of this beautiful park, in our opinion, is that Braes Bayou winds through the area. This gives park visitors access to water sports, scenic views, and some great picnic spots. This park also features a beautiful and traditional Spanish style clubhouse. The park has several swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer fields, and baseball fields. This more than 100-acre park is one of Houston’s treasures.

Sam Houston Park

1100 Bagby Street, Houston, TX 77002

The coolest thing about this park is that when you enter you feel like you are walking back through history. The sounds of the city melt away, and you find yourself in a paradise of lush green grass and historical buildings. This is the oldest park in Houston, started in 1899. There are several 1800’s restored residential homes in the park, including a cabin that dates back to the year 1823. There are lots of annual festivals and celebrations in the park, and the Heritage Society has a museum on the grounds.

Memorial Park

6501 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77007

Memorial Park is a large and natural beauty which is centrally located and easily accessible. The miles of winding trails are perfect for any adventure, similar to the landscaping Denver and other cities have. If you want to get together for a game, you will find a place to play at Memorial Park. It features a conservatory and a range of activities for children of all ages. Kids have a variety of activities they can participate in under the instruction of the park ranger, Ranger Rick. Memorial Park is a traditional American park, and the citizens and visitors of Houston are eager to share it.

Hermann Park

6001 Fannin Street, Houston, TX, 77030

One word best describes Hermann Park, and that is variety. Hermann Park is unique and offers a wide range of natural exhibits for your enjoyment. Enjoy the Japanese Gardens, the reflection pond with beautiful ducks, Miller Theater, and much more. Hermann Park is walking distance from the Houston Zoo and the Houston Museum of Natural Science as well as other museums. This area is well known for festivals, plays, concerts, and performances of the arts. The park is bordered by a golf course and within walking distance of many attractions. This is truly a park for everyone.