If you’ve been looking at your rugged and unsightly landscaping and you’re not certain when or where to begin fixing it, you may most likely think of adding or revamping some stone or concrete curbing. Curbing defines the stone borders that are placed to surround water features, gardens, and a range of other landscaping elements for the purpose of landscape edging. They can improve the look of your yard and garden without incurring substantial costs. You have no idea how more streamlined and innovative your yard appears after you’ve invested little in some new curbing. Here are the additional and otherwise unexpected advantages of concrete curbing.

Custom Concrete Curbing Will Raise The Home’s Worth

Besides enhancing the standard appeal of your home and making your home much easier to sell, your brand-new curbs significantly enhance the “on paper” value of your house even if you don’t have intentions of selling. As such, your capability to get approved for good home equity and home refinancing is greatly improved. This is extremely plausible due to the fact that at some point you may require to improve your house and perform some important maintenance tasks. Thanks to the lovely curbs, you may easily get cash from such house equity establishments and utilize it to enhance your house without dipping the fingers in your savings or dedicate yourself to a severe loan.

Aside from including refinement to your home, our borders are likewise practical. 2 of our styles can be utilized as a parking curb to prevent unintentional yard or home damage. Ever strike the side of a raised concrete pathway with your lawnmower? Well, two distinct styles that we offer assistance to prevent this potentially unsafe occurrence from occurring again. If you have a special situation that, has you puzzled, call us and we will offer you a solution to your problem rapidly. Our borders will not rot like wood or split like plastic, and they do not have to be redone. The professional appearance that these borders present will enhance the appeal and value of your business or residential property.

Ornamental Concrete Landscape Curbing Minimizes The Expense of Lawn Upkeep

Customized concrete curbing reduces weed infringement into your garden. The creeping trespassers are repelled with a well-installed solid wall and if by chance they get aggressive enough– which is less likely – to climb up over the curbs, cutting them off ends up being much easier. Curbs frequently function as surfaces against which you can quickly eliminate stubborn weeds with a lawnmower.

Concrete Curbing Offers A Strong Root Barrier

If you allow your garden plants to grow without control, they will spread their roots everywhere and develop bulges on the pathway. You don’t want that to take place. So installing curbs is the best method to keep them growing in an organized style. Curbs remove the need of planting your garden flowers and other plants in pots. Curbs provide the liberty to spread their roots to anywhere they please but other than the walkways.

Decorative Custom-Made Concrete Borders Decrease Trimming Time

Have you ever discovered it takes less time to trim a lawn that is well arranged with curbs compared to the plain “curbless” yard? This is among the hidden advantages curbs never get credit for. Curbs make it much easier to divide your mowing time between different sections of your garden.

Landscape Concrete Borders Leave The Landscape Undisturbed

You may wish to leave some sections of your home’s landscape such as trees and the stunning garden hills to landscape undisturbed when doing a home transformation. To keep them as they are, you’ll decide to add landscape edging borders around each section that you would want to be protected.

A Custom-Made Concrete Border Eliminates Wasted Time

Picture making more time on the weekend for your family, hobbies, or whatever your interest might be! Not only do our borders isolate trouble locations with gravel or bark, however, they can also develop a fantastic frame for a future flower bed. With many styles to select from, you’re sure to discover one that matches your character and landscaping. Without a border, some turf has a tendency to grow wild and unmanageable. Year after year you may have to dig away these stubborn areas. With a border from Texas Curb N’ Borders, these issues disappear. These borders also function as an excellent barrier for gravel or bark that can enter your yard.

Ornamental Concrete Borders Will EMPHASIZE YOUR PROPERTY

Our borders are an excellent method to match your existing landscape. You can choose a basic concrete texture or pick from our numerous color choices. Our proficient staff can detail a flower bed or produce an ornamental summary of your preferred trees. All you need to have is your imagination and leave the rest to us. Do you have long or complex pathways and driveways in your home? No problem. We will carefully follow the shape of your existing concrete work to include that extra touch.


Concrete landscape edging is among the best things you can ever install in your landscape and its benefits are numerous. There is always a purpose for each curbing, some purposes might be unapparent. Call Texas Curb N’ Borders today to see what benefits we can provide you and get a free quote! (713) 446-7761